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Hi there! We are three passionate language learners ourselves, and we would like to help you on your journey to being a confident, natural speaker of English. This is all about YOUR English abilities: listening to real conversations, seeing grammar and vocabulary in action, using native-like language and developing effective learning strategies. So, come and join us for light-hearted, easy-to-follow video lessons, and practise your English with our learning materials!

Why are we doing this?

English Abilities might be right for you if ...

  • … you like lively lessons taught by native speakers.
  • … you prefer to learn from real-life conversations.
  • … you want tips for learning a language more effectively.
  • … you’re eager to bust English language myths.
  • … just one English dialect is not enough for you – you want the bigger picture.
  • … you’re looking for experienced teachers who enjoy what they’re doing.
  • … you’re an English teacher yourself who is looking for learning resources off the beaten track.
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Why English Abilities is different


British and American English


Authentic language in context


Unique learning material

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Fun and relaxing atmosphere

Bite-sized English learning

Featured videos

The one where a common mistake is avoided, a panda visits a desert, and learning strategies are discussed.

The one where we try to integrate random idioms into the flow of a conversation. Super challenging and fun!

The one where we play the “ABC game” and struggle to remember where we are in the alphabet. Great fun!

The one where we put a language myth to rest and show you that you can indeed say “If I was you” if you want.